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Somebody that I used to know...

It's been...over 3 years since I last posted in this bad boy! So much has changed. I'm now a married woman, which isn't that much different from just living in sin.

We have also left our comfy little haven of a home and moved in with Nigel's family. After 2 and a half years it has gotten a little stifling to say the least. But it serves a purpose...although I couldn't say if it's worth it sometimes. I often feel we were a bit cheated out of our newlywed life and I think it's worn on us a bit; feels as though we've been married for a decade rather than less than 3 years.

As with the last time I started posting in my live journal, I have been looking through old posts and my heart silently breaks for the girl I used to be. For the cruel treatment I received at the hands of people I trusted. It made me a much more scared person, much less trusting than I was before that. Some of that stuff happened almost a decade ago and yet it feels like much less time has passed. I find myself daydreaming sometimes of ways I could have saved myself from all that pain...but I also come to the realization that I wouldn't be where I am now if I hadn't waded through all that bullshit.

Urgh. I'm brooding right now because hubby is away at a roller derby event in adelaide for the weekend (yes, we're into roller derby these days) and this time alone is far too empty and quiet. Too much like those old days when I used to roam the house alone and lick old wounds.

I have no idea what the purpose of this is. But I've found myself listening to Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know" and thinking of my past. A lot of the lyrics hit home for me. I find it bizarre that someone who I used to be intimate with on a regular (or semi-regular) basis is now a stranger only 9 years later.

Life is strange.

"You didn't have to cut me off,
Make out like it never happened
And that we were nothing.
And I don't even need your love
But you treat me like a stranger
And that feels so rough.

No you didn't have to stoop so low
Have your friends collect your records
And then change your number.
I guess that I don't need that though,
Now you're just somebody
That I used to know..."


Had a good few days...sort of.

Nigel's birthday BBQ was great on Saturday. Everyone was having a great time and thankfully they all fit in and around the house quite comfortably. House was in a shambles when everyone left though. Poo. But luckily the lovely cleaning fairy (i.e. Laura) washed all my dishes before I got up on Sunday! Yay!

Saturday night was a turning point with our neighbours and their annoying, stupid, big dog. After a full day of hostessing, feeling very tired, having a sore back and feeling a little bit ill I had just had enough when the dog started barking at 3:30am! I finally snapped and found myself banging on the back fence and screaming at them to do something about the dog...which they did! Instantly! And I haven't heard him at night since then! I have promised myself, however, that as soon as the dog starts nighttime barking again (which it possibly could), I'll be going to the council about it the very next day.

Anyway, spent Sunday with Laura just scouring the pet stores for reptile gear. Spent a little over $100 on stuff like a small vivarium, heat pad, hide, tongs, mice, etc. So was all set for Monday. Monday afternoon we went to pick up our new baby snakes! Mine is so cute, his name is Salazar and he doesn't seem to be snappy (thank god!) or anything. So excited about him. Even got him to eat last night. Yay!

Anyway, that's the lot for now. Talk soon.


Just going through old LJ entries. How sad I was back in the beginning. How awfully upset all the time. And now I seem to have a totally different life. Nothing to write about. No constant fights and tantrums...

And it only took 5-6 years for that to all change :P

Life is bizarre. We feel the need to document the painful things but not so much the okay things or the great things. *sigh* The past three years have been some of my life's best (due in large part to the few individuals who have starred prominently in them) and yet I have so many more journal entries about those couple of years that were, most definitely, my worst.

I must make an effort to document things more...

Wedding Shoes

Hey people, hope you all had a nice Christmas/New Year break. I know, I've been absent for ages, but things have just been hectic and I have been incredibly lazy to be honest.

Right now I have a dilemma: There are two pairs of shoes that I have zoned in on for my wedding but I can't decide which to buy.

Pair no 1:

These are lovely and will cost me $90 plus postage from a girl on the wedding forums. They're darker than I'd originally been looking at but they are pretty and I think that anything darker than the purple I want on my dress will still look ok.

Pair no 2:

These are only $50 plus $12 postage from a website here in Australia. They're more the colour that I'd originally wanted and I do love the fact that they also have black trim (our wedding colours are purple and black). I'm just a tiny bit concerned that they might not be a match for the dress trim (haven't ordered it yet though so I guess I could take the shoes to help decide).

Which shoes are nicer, people!?!


I know I haven't written in ages but I thought I'd just tap out a quick note to voice my increasing disappointment in what was once one of my favourite shows: Heroes.

Heroes was an awesome awesome show when it started and it had me and quite a few other people very excited. It was a totally fresh idea. I saw it as kind of a prequel to the notion of all those comic book superheroes like the X-men; people developing powers which were really cool without yet having discovered all the extremely camp costumes.

But over the second and, more vividly, the third seasons the show has started to suck...hard. *sigh*

I am especially disappointed with the inclusion of Mr Petrelli into the storyline. WTF is the deal with including someone who can just go "I'll have everyone's powers, thank you."??? I hate this character. At least the former bad guy (i.e. Syler) had that "lets lurk and attack people on the sly" kind of thing going...Mr Petrelli just has this haughty and slightly pervy thing happening.

Oh and I was mega-pissed when they just took Peter's powers. Just took them!

My disappointment is almost beyond words.

The very very sad thing is that I can't stop watching on the off chance that the show's stupid creator might pull his head out of his arse and return the show to its former glory...

In Loving Memory...

It's been a year now since my Aunty Denise passed away. I still miss her very much and I find it hard to believe that so much time has passed.

So, to Aunty Dee, I miss you. I love you. The world still seems dimmer without you.

What the fuck is wrong with people!?!

I know its been a while since I've posted but there was just something in the news that I had to discuss...

I'm sure, by now, everyone knows about the guy in Canada who hacked another guy's head off. Horrific, yes, but the truly horrible thing about the beheading was that it was on a bus. A bus full of people. Most of whom were awake at the time.

How in the fuck does that happen!?! Not the stabbing itself; while not normal, some guy stabbing another guy on a bus is not that far out there cause people are fucked up. The part of it that really confuses and astounds me is that nobody seemed to try stopping the dude with the knife from cutting the other guy's head off!

How is it that a man is able to stab someone "40 to 50 times" with none of the other 30-odd people present taking the opportunity, while the nutjob was focused on the poor bastard in front of him, to pry the big fucking hunting knife out of his hand!?! Sure, the victim was probably dead early on, but his family doesn't deserve to get hamburger meat back in place of their son's body just so the other cowards traveling on the bus could avoid some (very likely) superficial wounds! Not to mention the fact that the children on board were made to witness the insides of another human being pulled out of him; they'll be haunted by that for the rest of their lives.

How do people see that and just go "fuck that guy, lets run!"? Its not like the guy had a gun.

And another thing, I agree with Philip DeFranco (see sxephil on you tube, he's awesome), they should kill the guy who did the stabbing. Why take a chance that the nutter could possibly do it again one day? If he was a dog who'd savaged someone they'd have given him the injection the day he did it! The screwy thing is that a dog isn't really aware of why it shouldn't chew on a person who it sees as threatening but a man is supposed to know that its not acceptable to stab another man to death; why the fuck does a dog have less of a right to life than this fucking headcase?

Anyway, to sum up, its well beyond me how the hell humans have come to be the dominant species on earth...

Well Fuck Me.

Went to the Good Food and Wine Show today. And yes, I met the man himself. I met GORDON RAMSAY.

I know, some of you don't give a toss about Gordon (yes, I feel as though we're on a first name basis at this point...I met him, I touched him, I can call him Gordon...Gordo...Gordy...and so on), others think he's too crude. I personally say "Fuck you" to all those people.

The man is a genius. He makes simple food (prides himself on it, watch the F word if you doubt me) and makes a bloody fortune doing it. Good on him. Yes, he swears...a lot. But so do a lot of people and at least with him, you have the option of turning off the bloody TV if you don't like it.

In case none of you knew, I've been obsessed with Gordon for a while now. I watch all his shows where possible and I have plans to listen to his autobiography very soon (holidays are here and I have a fuckload of time on my hands).

I love him. I love love love him. And I was in awe when, after two solid hours of sitting in line, I got to speak to him and have him sign two of his books for me. He called me "My darling" and thanked me for coming; it was blissful and so worth the wait (Six more hours than we indended being at the show) even if I only saw him for 2 minutes.

I'm still spinning out.

To Work or not to work?

So, the holidays are almost here. Hooray! The thing is though, I'm losing my job as soon as the holidays are over. Boo. The Uni is getting rid of the three casuals and getting one full timer to cover the reptiles, rodents and marsupials.

Now I have a dilemma. Do I bust my arse working the holidays and get stuck looking for a job while doing my last semester at Uni? Or do I quit now, rest up, have a decent holiday and spend time now looking for a job??? *sigh*

Normally I would work while I can and save some cash. Normally. The thing is, I don't officially know that I'm getting the sack. They haven't told me. The only reason I know is that Laura overheard Julie talking about it. They're planning on giving me the boot but I have no idea when they're planning on saying something. I have a feeling that its because they want me to work the holidays and can't be bothered getting someone else if I quit...

I have no idea what to do. Which is weird. Because everyone in my life supports me quitting due to the shitty way that the Uni is going about things. I think I'm hesitating because I don't have the guts to quit...although I could repay them for sacking one of us via email (which they did to Brett last week)and do it that way I guess...

Comments are welcome...

Home Sweet House

So okay, we're now in our new place. Have been for about 2 weeks now. And its great (aside from all that usual "we've just moved in and have shit in boxes cluttering up every available surface" type drama)!

The only real problem is that I haven't really been able to fully enjoy it yet. During the first week things were pretty full-on at Uni. That weekend, I went to my Mum's to celebrate hers and my sister's birthdays (ten days apart so I went for a visit in the middle). This last week I was busy til Thursday morning and then I spent the rest of the week sick as a dog with some stomach bug (which I'm not fully over yet) as well as trying my damndest to finish a lab assignment that I had NO CLUE about writing.

This weekend was the first chance I've had to just sit back and enjoy...I've been so exhausted that I slept through most of it and spent the rest of the time just trying to unpack stuff!

I think things should be good once I hit Uni break (only a few weeks away) and have a lot of time to get things in order. Then I can get around to the fun part of having our own place; having people over for bbqs, having my niece to stay for a couple of days, etc. Just generally showing things off...

Anyways, I'm now off to sleep to ready myself for the next big hectic week of crap. Yay...not.